What is a Dacrotized Screw?

What is a Dacrotized Screw?

Monday, 27/05/2024, 08:30 GMT+7

What Is a Dacrotized Screw?
Building projects that take place outdoors need some added protection from the elements. Dacrotized screws can provide that benefit, as their dacromet coating is what gives them protection against corrosion. In a dacrotized screw, the dacromet, an inorganic compound containing zinc and aluminum flakes, is applied over the metal to yield resistance to rust in demanding applications and harsh environments.

Fasteners like these are perfect for building outdoor decks, as these structures typically sit in wetter environments and dacrotized screws will hold firm against exposure to water and other liquids. These fasteners can reduce the appearance of stains on treated lumber, ensuring your wood appears fresh and clean for extended periods. Dacrotized screws also see use in automobile manufacturing, as this is another industry requiring fasteners that can resist the elements.

Dacrotized Versus Stainless Steel
When choosing the right screws, understanding the components of different fasteners helps you narrow down the list. Stainless steel and dacrotized screws have a few similarities and differences that can help you make your decision.

Stainless steel: These screws provide the best protection against rust. Stainless steel fasteners offer incredible longevity and durability, but they can cost more because they’re made of a premium material.
Dacrotized: With a dacromet coating applied over a less expensive metal, these fasteners deliver similar defense against corrosion at a lower price point. Dacromet screws are more cost-effective when your project doesn’t require the use of stainless steel.
All Points Fasteners provides you with both stainless steel and dacrotized selections. We understand that every project is unique, so you need multiple solutions to accomplish the job. While both tools are fundamentally sound, dacrotized fasteners are an excellent choice for outdoor jobs, as they still offer adequate longevity while being economical.

Dacrotized Versus Zinc Plated Screws
It’s important to understand that there isn’t necessarily one kind of screw better than the other, as many of your fastener choices will depend entirely upon the nature of the job. A dacrotized screw is one coated with dacromet via a dip and spin process. A galvanized finish involves coating the fastener with a layer of zinc either by electroplating or through submersion in a molten zinc bath.

Learning the characteristics of these different compositions will help you find the right fastener for your needs:

Dacromet-coated screws: This option has a smoother look to the shank and head, which helps improve the overall appearance of finished projects. The zinc and aluminum combination also provides a self-repair system, allowing minor damage to the coating to heal.
Galvanized screws: A galvanized screw also has a layer of protective zinc over the metal, with this layer varying in thickness based on the application method. Galvanized screws tend to have a rougher texture, which makes them useful for specific materials and projects but can lessen their aesthetic appeal.
Here at All Points Fasteners, we know each industry is unique. That’s why we supply all kinds of screws to match your needs. Request a custom quote today to price the stainless or dacrotized screws you need to get the job done right.